July 3, 2017 Anna Reyes 0Comment

Applying for law school can often seem like more work than actually being in school.

However, if doesn’t have to take some herculean effort to get it done. Whether you’re applying to one of the prestigious law schools in Boston, or a less competitive school nearby,

Follow these simple tips to ease the process:

  1. Get a move on it. One of the biggest tips for applying for law school is to start early. Being prepared and ahead of the game will be your biggest asset in successfully completing your applications. Because it can be extremely stressful, the extra time cushioning will help you complete the application process without the stress and strain off a time crunch.
  2. Set realistic expectations. Nothing sets you up for possible disappointment more than unrealistic expectations. From thinking you can get a multiple-month process done in a week or getting a perfect score on the LSAT, being unrealistic about the application process is only going to create frustration. Be familiar with your own personal limits, schedule, and goals and plan accordingly.
  3. Weigh your options. It seems obvious, but it is imperative that you spend a considerable amount of time deciding whether law school is right for you or not. Attending law school is an arduous, lengthy and expensive commitment, so you’d be unwise to make the decision hastily. Think not only if you’d like to attend, but also where you would want to attend.
  4. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Writing the essay for a law school application can be very intimidating, and while a minor error in your essay probably won’t kill your chances of getting in, having several or a major error just might nix you from their acceptance list. To avoid this unfortunate situation, be sure to proofread your essay and have several friends review it to make sure it’s ready to go and error-free. Giving new, fresh eyes a chance to see it will improve your odds of turning in a perfect paper.
  5. The organization is the name of the game. While everybody is different and has different ways of staying organized or ideas of what organized looks like, you simply must stay organized. Keep track of deadlines, checklists and important papers by using a calendar and folders in a designated spot where they cannot be lost or misplaced. It would also be wise to separate each application into its own folder so nothing gets switched around or mixed up. Stay organized in whatever fashion works best for you, just make sure you do it!