April 29, 2018 Anna Reyes 0Comment

Research process is meant to be a dynamic process and it’s not unheard of or even unusual for you to start off with a research topic and for it to morph into something else now I not something completely different usually so you don’t start off with the question of something like you know should prostitution be legal in America end up with you know should recreational marijuana be legalized usually that’s not as extreme of a difference that you end up with but sometimes students start researching a question something like you know what is technology is social media harmful to students education or something like that. Learn about finding and choosing interesting and important essay topic onĀ Edusson.

And they find that that’s really too broad and that most of the sources that they’re looking up don’t really focus on that that a lot of them focus on you know how technology affects communication specifically not necessarily education or how it affects relationships and communication not just communication in general and so you’re gonna there is an element of being open to where the research takes you and that’s a little bit of a scary place to be again especially when like I said your grade is on the line and there are deadlines but I just want to let you know that it’s okay to be there and it’s okay to embrace that mystery a little bit as you’re being curious but we’re hopefully going to find you a good research question that’s why I asked for you to submit to because if one doesn’t work out you’ve got the other one in your back pocket so please try to make your research questions different enough that you know not really on the same topic so that if one is not workable because it doesn’t meet our parameters that we can go automatically to the next one and you don’t have to go back to the drawing board and then we start corresponding and emailing and you get behind so this is an example of how you might narrow a topic from a topic to a research question.

So maybe you’re interested in researching a little illegal immigration that’s been in the wind for many years right and when Trump was elected especially this has been a hot topic should be built a wall should we you know ban people from certain countries should we crackdown on employers who employ illegal immigrants like what is should we just deport people even if they have children here and their parents what is the best way to deal with illegal immigration and so there are variations on this should illegal immigrants be deported should some illegal immigrants be offered a pathway to citizenship is Amnesty ethical you may not be familiar with that term but if you are researching that comes up a lot this idea of giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship such as you know they have to come forward they have to pay back taxes they have to go through the immigration process they may have to serve some community service and become American citizens.