April 8, 2018 Anna Reyes 0Comment

Make sure when you are using spellcheck don’t rely on it right so you need to go through it that’s another reason you need to have other people read it as well you want to make sure every word you’re using is where it’s supposed to be in the right context with a thesaurus it can be a great way to maybe add some new words but to make sure that you’re only selecting words that still make sense in the context there are a lot of words that have double meanings maybe they fit in one context and not another very very very careful be very careful with using both of those tools okay so then this last piece and this can be the biggest stress for those of you that are perfectionist is actually submitting it in that fear of all is there a problem is there maybe I’m missing something and that fear of hitting that submit button.

But if you have done your homework if you have started early if you have had outside people read it and edit it and if you feel confident that you have done your best work send it submit it set push that button right push that button and then as they would say and one of my favorite TV shows parks and recreation treat yourself right so submit that and then do something that has nothing to do with thinking about this right so go out go get some ice cream go for a run watch your favorite movie get some quality time with your dog whatever that might be we realize an admission we realize that your life is pretty stressful when you’re applying for colleges and universities you are studying to take the SATA exam you are in your last year of high school potentially you have a lot of advanced courses the rigor of that is extreme we know that you are writing all of your common application doing all of these things right it’s stressful and doing this essay it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of energy and it can be stressful.

So submit that button don’t think about it because once you submit that button it is out of your hands you submit it and then the responsibilities on us right so then we’re going to start reading through all of your application materials and ultimately um you know it’s a decision that we make so once that is submitted just try not to stress about it you did the best that you could and so do something to really treat yourself in that moment okay so I do want to share with you some other just general tips I’ve already mentioned a few of these but just to go into them and a little bit more depth so when writing your essay it’s very important to first of all be concise like I said some essay is the requirement will be no more than 250 words another might be 500 words another might be 750 another might be a thousand you don’t know.