April 13, 2017 Anna Reyes 0Comment

Perhaps you have heard about “Indie Film” and this has made you wonder why this seems to be resounding in every film enthusiast’s mouth.  In the filmmaking industry, Indie Film is a shortened term for independent film which is basically a feature film produced outside a major film studio.  Indie films are also being referred to art films that are noticeably different from films that are mass marketed.

Since Indie films are produced outside major film studios, it almost always follows that these films have lower budget brackets and marketed by limited release where it only reaches small specialty audiences.  However what makes these films remarkably stand out is the fact that each Indie Film is a reflection of the filmmaker’s personal artistic vision.  In filmmaking, coming up with an Indie film is a bold act.

Making an Indie Film is one thing, but making a remarkably good Indie Film is another – with the somewhat limited budget for production and a big challenge for making a mark on your audience, you can truly say this is true.  Because of this, perhaps one of the most important basic tips in making your Indie Film is that you need to find a partner who is truly into your cause.  That partner needs to be just as equally passionate as you when it comes to ensuring that your film gets through the toughest tests including really low budget, limited crew and all the other “temperaments” you will be encountering throughout the course of filming.

Filmmaking can be less stressful if you could find people working with you and not for you – that leads us to another basic tip which is “learning to hang out with your crew”.  This is not because you need to become friends with everyone in your crew but because people working in an Indie Film can’t be tied to the job due to the big monetary offer so you have to at least create an atmosphere for your crew that is “desirable” to come back to every single day regardless of the pay.

Another sensible and practical tip is that you should be able to create a film that is within your means.  Your story should move around places, props, costumes and people that is very much affordable for you.  An Indie Film need not include a building full of people and props in order to show and project volume.  A simple but unique plot revolving around simple yet achievable props, costumes and locations could do it right for you.

Lastly, your Indie Film needs to reflect your own true and unique artistry and vision in order to make a mark in the filmmaking industry.  Keep shooting and aiming for your “independent” place in the Film Industry!