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Company Intro

Taizhou Jinyue Mould is an international professional extrusion die manufacturer. In recent years, the company has passed IS9001-2000 quality management system certification and has introduced the most advanced technology from Japan. It possesses Japan Taiwan CNC machining equipment, including the mould CAD design system, CAM machining center, lathe, high precision EDM machine, precision grinding machine, large milling machine and so on. To ensure the quality of the mould, we produce domestic representative updated mould, taking the lead to achieve the digital computerized mould design, processing and installation of streamline. Full-time professionals take charge of mould making, efficiently controlling mould production schedule so that the delivery date is guaranteed. What’s more, with strict quality testing mechanism into every link of production, the quality of the mould is also guaranteed, for which the mould can be put into production timely.

At present, we mainly produce: thickness adjustable rack plate die head, PVC free foaming board die head, PET sheet die head, tools and head laminating, stretch film die, hollow grid plate die, spinneret plate die, waterproof roll die, stretch film\cling film die head, manual and automatic hydraulic net changer, single-layer, multi-layer co-extrusion distributor, etc.

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